The Kink Shrink

Trust me. I've been through years of psychotherapy on both coasts. Leslie Halpern is a top-level A #1 prime-rib first class psychotherapist.

Intelligent, wise, independent, down-to-earth, with a great sense of humor, she's the person you want by your side if you ever feel like you're walking in the dark or have been hit by the depression bus.

She listens.
She doesn't make you feel like you're crazy.
She is open about her life and views.
She has a fantastic little blue-gray dog that sometimes cheers up the sessions.
She is continually learning in the field.
She is open-minded without being New Age.
She never forgets what you say.
She's got a great smile and warmly greets you.
She will leave you better off than the way she found you!  

Consider yourself lucky that you've stumbled upon this page -- she's a great find to get you through difficult times.  

I saw her for many years when she was in San Francisco. I cannot recommend her enough. Truly unique. She has a wonderful calm  personality and lots of sensible personal and professional  boundaries. Loves dogs and can handle really eccentric people and their careers and lifestyles. She is very smart, not authoritarian  and a fabulous dry wit.
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